• Simboli caratteristiche orologio
  • Simboli caratteristiche orologio
  • Simboli caratteristiche orologio
Westminster Melody:

The most famus chime are the Westminster. Today if comes from Victoria clock tower of the Houses of Parliment in London.

To hear sound push:
Westminster Melody


Broke sound of quart and hour

Automatic Night Shut-off:
The night shut-off will automatically stop the chime and strike during the night (quarter chime and hour strike).


Clock Description



Grandfather clock with particular painted by hand, lakered and decorated.
The clock, in the upper part, shows with a cyma hand-carved. Immediately below, same carvings surround dial and retaken it on all face.
The clock is laquered white patinated with particolar in gold leaf and hand decorated.
Weights and Lyra pendulum are in gilt brass.
Moon faces dial with Roman numbers serigraphy.
The German mechanism 4/4 has winding up 8 days, melody Westminster like famous Victoria Clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in London

Size: cm.208 x 50 x 29
Size inch.81.9 x inch.19.7 x Deep:11.4 inch.


mechanical movement 451-053